Pocket Listings

Pocket (Off-Market) Listings and Need To Knows

The term "Pocket Listing" has become pretty popular in our marketplace, especially in the Flats of Beverly Hills.
Buyers in my specific market, love to know about these "Pocket Listings", which are essentially an "off market listings", and not on the menu for sale, to the open-market.
My advice to the Sellers:
Although this may not always be the best option for the SELLERS, however it has worked in the past. I have successfully sold some of the most important properties this way. Having said that, I also believe that exposing your property officially to an open market, may yield more buyers and more money, versus selling it as a pocket listing. Discuss more one-on one, should you need further advice or suggestions.
My advice to the Buyers:
Work diligently with a broker of your choice. Make sure he or she knows the local market inside and out.  Remember, your real estate agent's knowledge and connections with potential sellers, and local agents, will get you the results that you want. Over the last 20 plus years, I have represented several buyer families in finding their Beverly Hills home, off market. 

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